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Alicia Wilson

I’m Alicia.  I love to feel passionate about the things in my life.  Friends and family make up everything that I am. My children take my breath away every day. My husband still makes me blush.  I loved my childhood and suppose that I will always call Indiana my home.  I am outspoken and love to laugh until I cry.  I am a thinker who has not figured it all out, yet.  I love to host parties.  I enjoy a glass of red wine.  I am a Boilermaker.  I love the love of my girlfriends.  I can do almost anything in heels.  I love the story of vintage. I love to give gifts.  I am the brunette and dreamer of this team.

I was a bride too.  May 1st, 2004.  The details were beautiful, but the way it made me feel always makes me smile.  Thank you to our parents who set the example of what living out your vows looks like. Thank you to my husband... you always let me need you more than you need me. 

I am a mom.  I never fully experienced life until then.  Seeing life through their eyes has opened mine.  I hope they marry someone like their daddy and never forget their little girl dreams.  

I am a daughter.  We disagree, my dad intervenes, and then we laugh until we cry.  Thank you for making my wedding dreams come true.  Every wedding of ours is just a little bit more special because of you!

Oh, I am a wedding planner too and I would love to be yours!

Alicia Wilson

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